heather-and-staffA story can be as simple as the answer to “How was your day?” or as profound as the archetypal myth that shapes a culture.

Stories are important. They have been at the heart of human communication from the very beginning, told in gesture and dance even before the evolution of words. They connect us, giving us a common metaphor to relate to the chaos of life.

Stories are magic. They dissolve the boundaries of time and space and carry us away to experiences, characters, adventures, and environments unavailable in our everyday world.

I have five stories I would like to share with you.  I invite you to meet Lyra who is transformed by her relationship to the spirit of a great oak tree (Leaves in Her Hair), and Clara who experiences what it is like to be an old woman in a young body (Never Again). Meet identical twins Lily and Rose, who struggle with identity crisis  and loss as the adventures of the frontier pull them apart, and Daniel, their stern minister father, whose faith almost destroys his family.  (The Purest Gold). Harriet, after a near-death experience, receives the gift of a miraculous Song that can completely heal anyone she touches. Explore with her the ethics, blessings and challenges of such power. (Song of Eliria). Meet Annie, a five-year-old child who, with her cat and new-born kittens, flees her mother’s violence to spend a night alone in the woods, a night that becomes an initiation for both mother and daughter. (Leaf Shadows and Sunshine).

My hope for you as you read my stories is that they may touch your heart, awaken your imagination, and allow you to transcend your own personal tale to live a while in another world.

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3 thoughts on “Home

  1. I just listened to the radio show Heather was on reciting from her book, Never Again. I swear, it was so entertaining. I’m sold. She needs to be sold at Barnes and Noble. She has a very good radio presentation as well. Good voice. Congrats Heather.


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