Song of Eliria

“How much is healing the responsibility of the patient? What if their injury or illness is part of their karma? What is someone’s time has come?” Harriet

In the wee hours of a bitter winter night, Harriet, a respectable, middle-aged chiropractor, falls through the ice of a frozen lake. She was alone; she should have died. Instead she returns to consciousness standing on a ridge above the lake at sunrise, singing with other voices a haunting, exquisitely beautiful Song. But no one else is there, and there are no footprints in the snow, not even hers.

Returning home, she discovers that when she touches someone who is ill or in pain, the same strange Song arises, allowing her to see into the body and heal all that is amiss.

She is confounded by the mystery of her rescue and the source of the Song.  Voices and visions speak to her in dreams, tantalizing her,  but all meaning is lost in the waking.

Although she rejoices in the ability to resolve her patients’ pain, she is daunted by the power in her hands, feeling inadequate to handle it wisely. Questions arise about if and when it is appropriate to intervene with such miraculous potency in the life—or death—of another. And she is soon inundated with more patients than she can possibly accommodate.

Overwhelmed, she flees to her small rural hometown. When she learns that the married chiropractor who was her lover and mentor long ago, and whom she still deeply loves, is now widowed and dying of cancer, Harriet’s search for answers takes on a poignant and personal urgency.

 Song of Eliria is a mystery, a love story, and a profound exploration into the essence and ethics of healing.

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Words of Praise:

Song of Eliria won an award from The Next Generation Indie Book Awards

With an other-worldly twist, this is a human adventure tale delving into the heart of the mysteries of suffering, healing, and love.  A master storyteller, Starsong uses suspense, wry humor, vivid imagery, thought-provoking ideas, and endearing characters to draw readers in.  I loved it.”   Dr. Cedar Barstow, Author of Right Use of Power: The Heart of Ethics  

Song of Eliria is a captivating, magical novel about a  chiropractor whose capacity for healing is magnified when she is mysteriously saved from death. This tale offers readers a rich emotional journey into healing in all its forms. Life would certainly change for the better if Harriet and the Song were readily available to all of us.”   Diane Byington, award-winning author of Who She Is and If She Had Stayed. 

“Heather Starsong has done it again—convinced me that this is her best book yet. Beyond her usual finely drawn, credible characters, she has managed to introduce a mystery not solved till the end: How did Harriet, the heroine, gain her healing song, which healed not only herself but many others? If this page-turner of a novel doesn’t become a runaway bestseller, it will be a crime against literary humanity!”  Reynold Ruslan Feldman, Ph.D., author of ten books including the just-published Wisdom for Living

Song of Eliria offers a thoughtful respite from our fast-paced, anxiety-inducing, and politically divided era. Instead, we enter Harriet’s slower, more loving world where she heals her chiropractic patients as if by magic–as she herself had been healed after attempting suicide in the opening chapters.  The etherial singing seemingly of alien presences had saved her then and continues to guide her on the inner plane as she is reconciled with the love of her life and then through excruciating loss. This is a subtle story of healing and resilience.  On reading it, I felt expanded to a larger sense of what is real and what is possible in all our lives.”  Dr. Judith Blackburn, Professor Emerita (English and Women’s Studies), Northern Kentucky University

“Song of Eliria is a unique and intriguing story. I was drawn in by the characters, the rich imagery, and the unfolding mystery. I especially related to Harriet and the edge she had to walk between the challenges and the blessings of her gift. The story brought forth the frequencies of compassion, love, and healing—much needed in our difficult times. I read it twice.”  Christine Gust, Career Coach

I fell completely in love with this 259 paged work of amazing spiritual fiction. The healer in me woke up within the first chapter and the old soul in me was not far behind. One of the things that makes this sweet teacher so wonderful is I noticed as I read about the blessed energies, I felt the blessed energies. So, the fact this enlightened journey is labeled unreal made me stop to ponder. I would recommend this well written breath of fresh clean air to anyone especially us light workers that need a swift kick in the you know where. It has easily made its way into my spiritual tool box for those times when I need to remember most.   Riki  Frahmann Mystic Living

“Since the beginning of time, mankind has looked to the heavens with wonder and awe, with fear and trepidation, with gratitude and hope, and with yearning to touch, to understand, to know.  Heather Starsong, in her novel, Song of Eliria, tells the intimate tale of a woman’s desperation, pain and renewal, as she draws on power  from extraterrestrial beings from a distant galaxy. The lessons come through song, bringing love and healing. Life on Earth is fraught with hurt, destruction and loss of hope, but through the music of the Elirians, the power to heal, comfort and transform lives creates new awareness and deep gratitude. “ Janet VandenBosch