The Fullness of Spring

A couple of weeks ago, I found a cluster of crocuses, surrounded by a mantle of snow. It seemed the perfect symbol for Spring Equinox, the balance point between winter and summer, snow and flowers.


We are in the fullness of spring. The days and nights are of equal length. It is the moment of poise between the dark side of the year and the light.

Winter has its gifts—deepenings from the hard times, openings from the deep times, wisdom from our inward journeys.

As the light lengthens, let us bring those gifts to the new life unfolding around us. May we awaken our senses to the sound of bird song, the touch of warm wind, the smell of rain and freshly turned earth, the colors of flowers, the heat of the strengthening sun, the feel of cool, moist grass under bare feet.

Our senses are the link of delight between our bodies and the Earth. Body and Earth are of the same stuff (humus-human), and delight is the essence of love. What we love, we cherish.

As we delight in the sensuousness of spring, let us cherish and care tenderly for our beloved Earth, renewing once again, over, beneath and around us.

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